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Fiddelity Screening to be held in Cobourg

A screening of the film "Fiddelity" is to take place at the Loft Cinema in Cobourg, Ontario on Tuesday, December 15, at 2:00 p.m. The three actors, now living in Nova Scotia, coincidently all have a long and strong connexion with this lovely town on Lake Ontario.

Seating in this small theatre is restricted to 18 people by reason of Covid-19. The show, which was by open invitation, has quickly sold out and there is a waiting list pending any cancellations.  Admission is by Goodwill offering to the local Food Bank.

I have performed two shows in this lovely 50-seat theatre: Alan Bennett's "Bed Among the Lentils",. and Micheal macLiammoire's "The Importance of Being Oscar". 
Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend this event.


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Well I had thought that I would undertake another monolgue before now. But now we are moving from the wonderful arts community of Warkworth, nestled in the Northumberland Hills of central Ontario to new horizons on the east coast of Canada. Moving is taking all my energy right now and all my enthusiasm. Once settled, I have a hunch that a new script will present itself.


"Fiddelity" is a new monologue in eleven scenes (2019). It takes place over the character's seven decades and deals with the thwarted desire of a young child to play the fiddle, and the impact of the fiddle in question on the generations of this family. The script has received a favourable review from a literary critic; but another review found that although it was a "great story" it would not be a good play. Personally I believe that a monologue is a form of storytelling. A great story should be enough; but it has to be told well. This particular review was not based on a review of the script; but of an early and hastily put together video rehearsal of the play. Perhaps it was the performance they found lacking. Anyway, the review did encourage me to take a fresh look at the script and do some rewriting while away for the winter. The  early video rehearsal of scene 1 of this 11 scene monologue can be viewed on YouTube at  Fiddelity Sc. 1 . The play has yet