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Nova Scotia Premiere Screening of Fiddelity

Although the film Fiddelity has been screened in several Canadian provinces and indeed several countries, it has, by reason of fluctuating and unpredictable Covid-19 restrictions on public gatherings, yet to be screened publicly in Nova Scotia. This is where the film was produced. A planned screening at the King's Theatre in Annapolis Royal on January 8, 2021 was cancelled, when public performances were once again banned. However, restrictions have now been eased. I am pleased to announce that the Lower Granville Hall in Port Royal will be screening the film on March 13 and March 14, 2021. The event will be a fundraiser for the Hall.  The Hall is located across the road from 'The Habitation", where Champlain created the Order of Good Cheer in 1605 and theatrics frequently took place. Therefore, the location is most appropriate.
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One`s Company: A new script in the works

I have now completed re-writes on a script that has been formulating on my laptop for several months. I know, as I begin to work on learning lines, that it will evolve further. Although it is, essentially, a monologue, two other characters appear briefly.  This is the first script I have written with filming in mind. As Covid-19 restrictions continue, and the uncertainty of live theatres re-opening anytime soon, or remaining open if they do, I thought this the best route to take. This is the story of an older gay man whose partner of almost fifty years has gone away, allegedly on family business. The story is about communication, assumptions, loneliness and ageing. Originally I had intended to title the play ``Dinner for One``; however, I subsequently learned there is another film by the same name. I have now settled on ``One`s Company`` for this work. Following a very successful piece with another is always risky and unsettling. But it will be what it will be.

"The Lace" Now Public on YouTube

A film version of "The Lace" has now been published publicly on YouTube. The film is compiled from off-stage rehearsal videos of the on-stage productions of this fifty-minute monologue. Paul Rapsey performed in the monologue in Nova Scotia and Ontario in 2019.  It is in the "Talking Head" genre of film. The stage play raised money for various non-profit and charitable causes in both provinces. See:

A Playwright's Dilemma

When I first sat down a month ago to begin writing a new play script, the title "Dinner For One" came  immediately to mind.  It is indeed about a Dinner for One.  But much more recently, I became aware, through German friends in Hamburg, that there is an iconic British comic sketch by the same name. It was filmed in Germany for a German audience in 1963. The original sketch was written for the British music hall scene in the 1920s. It has become a German tradition to watch this film every year at New Years. Indeed, o ur young German friend claims to have seen it more than 40 times in his 45 year lifespan. Strangely, it seems that the film had never been seen on British television until 2018.  Now, the title is perfect for my new play. Am I permitted to use this title? If so will it confuse people? There may be other possible titles. Yet they elude me.  The title "Table Setting for One" does not have the same ring, nor is it quite accurate. "Dinner with Oneself&

Fiddelity Discussed on CBC Radio One

Despite the continuing inability to screen the film here in Nova Scotia due to continuing theatre closures under provincially imposed Covid restrictions, the film has received some publicity here.  It was featured in a local magazine, "The Reader", (December 18, 2020 issue)  and it will be featured on CBC Radio One out of Halifax tomorrow morning (January 11, 2021).  The programme is "Information Morning" which begins at 6:00 a.m. The segment on Fiddelity is scheduled for about 6:10 a.m. Too early for many I know.   In the meantime, the film is being screened online at the New York Tri-State International Film Festival until January 14, 2021. It is unfortunate that there has been no local viewing of the film to date.

Fiddelity Selected for a Fourth Festival

Fiddelity has now been selected for the New York Tri-State International Film Festival . This is the film's fourth festival selection. I confess to never suspecting the film would do as well as it has. I consider this an great honour.  I love the story, and if I put vanity aside, I do think the acting by the main characters was very good. But as a first film and a no budget one at that, the film's production quality is far less then ideal.  The film may be watched on the Festival's website from January 7-14, 2021. Tickets are $3.91 USD. Here is the link for ticket purchases: Link for tickets: NewYorkTristateFilmFestival/ tickets

Cobourg Screening a Success

I am humbled by the accolades that have come in after yesterday's screening of "Fiddelity" in Cobourg, Ontario. It is a difficult story I know. Some who had already heard the podcast of the original script were surprised by the film; but found it "astounding", "an intriguing story", "layered and intricately woven", "an important piece about love and resilience, desire and determination", "WOW. Amazing! Beautiful photography. Riveting."  "Lyrical".